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The love affair I have with notebooks started a young age, I can remember being 5 and starting school and being enamoured by the stack of pale blue and yellow workbooks on the teacher’s desk. They were clean, they had lines, and I could fill them with anything I wanted.


As I got older my obsession grew, starting one journal after another, not always filling one before finding a new one that spoke to me more and need to be purchased. Saving allowance and babysitting money to buy the next one along with a fancy new gel pen or two.

Now I am an adult and in my home office space at the moment I can spot no less than seven notebooks in plain sight.

I also have friends who support this habit, gifting me amazing new books to write in, or adding to my personal order when they see that I’m shopping online. I wanted to expand this to see how many others are out there just like me, so I’m attempting to host my first ever NOTEBOOK SWAP.

New tools are a great way to refresh creativity, find comfort, or take notes of opportunities. I’m hoping a lot of you are like me, in that you also hoard pretty notebooks and pens, but I am of the mind that there’s no wrong in adding another pair to the collection here and there.

The swap will see you matched randomly with a partner – receive their information and few clues on their personality – and then it’s off to do a little shopping.  We are asking that anyone who wishes to participate to also pay a small fee of $5, this collection will go towards purchasing supplies if someone does not get their package, as well as shipping of these packages. We are trying to mitigate any disappointment someone might feel in not having their package delivered. All extra fees will be given as a donation local programs purchasing schools supplies for kids in need. Please send your free to via PayPal or EMT. 

Want to join in? Just fill out the form below! But first, please read these notes:

  • Keep shipping costs in consideration. The heavier the notebook, the more you could pay in shipping.
  • Keep your notebook purchase to around $20. Pens usually vary but $5 is a pretty good cap, I’d say. No need to go out and buy someone a quill!
  • The notebooks and pens need to be new and unused.
  • It’s preferred if you can get tracking on your package, but understandable if you can’t afford it.
  • Only sign up if you know you can commit to the timeline and costs. It is super frustrating when someone joins and gets a package, but doesn’t send their partner one.


  • Sign up closes on Wednesday, June 13th. It will then take a few days for me to match everyone and send out emails. Please do not message me saying you signed up and haven’t heard back before then.
  • You should pop your swap in the post by Monday, June 25th.  Please email your partner if you cannot do so by then.

Remember to share on social! Use the hashtag #sccpnotebookswap (you can see more photos, too)! Along the way between waiting for your match and getting your package I will also be hosting some giveaways to those who have signed up – so get excited.

So what are you waiting for? JOIN HERE












Are Cacti The New Pineapple?

So I was all on board with the pineapple craze of last summer – who wouldn’t love it – yellow – sweet – has a crown – tough exterior – it is everything that I wish I was wrapped into a lovely fruit.  Plus who doesn’t need a little more bright yellow in their home or their wardrobe. What I couldn’t fit a pineapple into was my crafting – there was no good way to knit one, I can’t paint and well creating one out of clay wasn’t up my alley.

Enter the cactus! From wedding centrepieces to smart shirts with fun puns – cacti have arrived in grand form. The colour pallet can suit any decor and the best part for me is I can craft this trend in so many different ways.


I started with these little guys, made for a few craft markets that I’m attending in the next little while. Perfectly suited as a gift for busy mother like myself who can’t seem to keep even something that doesn’t need to be watered often alive. I love quick knitting projects that leave me feeling satisfied and also also stock up fast for gifts, markets, and that last minute donation ask. Placed with real rocks, a little moss, and in a hand painted terracotta pot and these are seriously fun to make.

Next it will be a few home items that I can use to pop the trend into some decor changes that we are making around the house. Pillows are my go to here, simple construction with a flower that can add a pop of accent colour and will make me look like I’m the trendy person I pretend so hard to be. I have always gravitated towards green so this is just another excuse to add a little more of it into my life.

What do you think? Are you holding onto the pineapple craze or have your jumped over the cactus as the new trend? Maybe you don’t support trends at all? Are you crafting something yourself that you are hoping catches on with others? Are you trend crafting something of your own? We want to know and see what you’ve got going on!