Be Still My 13-year-old Heart – Your New Enamel Pin Obsession Starts Here

I feel like a version of my 13-year-old self was meant to relive her glory in 2018 where currently a new obsession has taken over the internet and especially the ‘makers movement’ – enamel pins.

First off I am a collector of many things. When I was younger, I collected Care Bears, Rainbow Brite items, baseball cards, books etc.  As a grown up it has changed into notebooks, pens, and an ever growing set (both big and ornament sized) Starbucks mugs.

Then just before the new year I discovered enamel/lapel pins! Not familiar with lapel pins? A lapel pin is a small pin that is worn on the folded flap on either side of a jean/leather jacket or shirt. They can be worn to identify a group or organization, but they can be fun too! I first noticed a pin trend happening among knitters on Instagram who were putting them not on lapels at all but on their project bags. After falling in love with a few of the pins, I too have decided to start collecting!

So today I wanted to share with you one of my new favourite ‘makers’ who is currently benefiting from my new obsession.  The amazing sister/brother duo at Pixel Paper Hearts make pins that speak to my heart and make my mailbox much less a place of torture that is only used to send me bills and junk.


Now my two sons might not love them as much as I quite literally do the Happy Mail Happy Dance outside the car when I get one of these little packages – but they can settle that in therapy later right!

So what comes inside? This exact package had this beauty in it!


This speaks to how I feel about the outside world much of the time these days and seems much more socially acceptable to wear it on a cute little pin than to say it out-loud. As you can see from their lovely personalized message that yes this is not the first pin I have ordered from them – it won’t be the last either!

I’m ashamed to admit that I’m usually kind of sour when things I love become super popular but there are so many independent people out there making them and you can find one for just about any interest you may have. Now the obsession is not about finding the perfect pin but also finding out who is making them and has become a really awesome way to support creative folks and their businesses (…at least that’s how I am going justify having so many!)

So can you see yourself getting behind this trend like I am? Do you have pins? Who is your favourite maker? Where do you wear them? Share please!