I wasn’t meant to be a hockey mom – there I said it! My Polish-Ukranian husband was sure that we were going to raise soccer players, and I was okay with that, but we should have known when we moved to the city of Gretzky that life had another plan for us. Our oldest not only loved the ice but then put another wrench into our sanity by becoming a goalie who is good enough to play at a decent level for an 11 year old. When he tried out for his first team we got a glimpse of how really fun, odd, intense the world of hockey could be.

This blog is how I cope, along with knitting, coffee and the occasional Ativan! Raising boys is hard – raising sports kids is hard – being around competition all the time is hard – but sometimes its funny and sometimes its downright hilarious.

This is also the year I turn 40, so everything is going out the window. I’ve always wanted to write so I’m going to write. I’ve always wanted to publish so I’m going to publish. I’ve always wanted others to share my voice so go ahead and share my voice! It won’t be pretty, it is going to smell, but it is my life and I’m going to try and live is as authentically as I can.