Are Cacti The New Pineapple?

So I was all on board with the pineapple craze of last summer – who wouldn’t love it – yellow – sweet – has a crown – tough exterior – it is everything that I wish I was wrapped into a lovely fruit.  Plus who doesn’t need a little more bright yellow in their home or their wardrobe. What I couldn’t fit a pineapple into was my crafting – there was no good way to knit one, I can’t paint and well creating one out of clay wasn’t up my alley.

Enter the cactus! From wedding centrepieces to smart shirts with fun puns – cacti have arrived in grand form. The colour pallet can suit any decor and the best part for me is I can craft this trend in so many different ways.


I started with these little guys, made for a few craft markets that I’m attending in the next little while. Perfectly suited as a gift for busy mother like myself who can’t seem to keep even something that doesn’t need to be watered often alive. I love quick knitting projects that leave me feeling satisfied and also also stock up fast for gifts, markets, and that last minute donation ask. Placed with real rocks, a little moss, and in a hand painted terracotta pot and these are seriously fun to make.

Next it will be a few home items that I can use to pop the trend into some decor changes that we are making around the house. Pillows are my go to here, simple construction with a flower that can add a pop of accent colour and will make me look like I’m the trendy person I pretend so hard to be. I have always gravitated towards green so this is just another excuse to add a little more of it into my life.

What do you think? Are you holding onto the pineapple craze or have your jumped over the cactus as the new trend? Maybe you don’t support trends at all? Are you crafting something yourself that you are hoping catches on with others? Are you trend crafting something of your own? We want to know and see what you’ve got going on!


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