Childhood Memories in a Box

There are few things that bring me back to my childhood more than being in the kitchen. I had a “city grandma” and a “country grandma” and their kitchens were equally as different as their lives were.

In the clean, gleaming kitchen of my city grandma – with the collectable plates displayed above the cabinets – the smells come back to the two things we made together the most. Bright red cherry Jell-o and peanut butter cookies. I got to stir, I got to put the fork mark on the cookies, watch the timer, and wait patiently at the table.

In the farmhouse kitchen of my grams – as I have called her since for what seems like forever – it was totally different. It was more organic, earthy, a big bucket of things that could be composted under the sink – long before composting was ‘cool’. It was apples and pie crust, and Rice Krispie squares!


So in our own kitchen last week after getting off the phone with Grams we decided to make some of our own. At 93 it is one of the only things she still makes these days for her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, because let’s face it, pie from scratch is a lot of work!

Watching the boys measure things out, get one top of the counter to stir, argue over who got to do what step next was actually quite blissful.


With my mom watching over them, things of course went just fine – although some where along the way we did manage to forgot to put in the vanilla extract – which really is a testament to trying to cook with two boys who are more about getting to the end so they can eat rather than the process of enjoying the moment.


But when all is said and done can you really mess up something as easy as this? And also when all is said and done a picture like the next one is worth it all, a memory for them hopefully filled with the joy and smells that I remember so vividly at their age – but this time in their own kitchen.


What is your favourite childhood kitchen smell? Whose kitchen were you in and what else comes along with that memory for you? Leave me I message I want to hear your story too!



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