So I moonlight as a photographer once and a while. Of course I would love if it was more than that but with the kids the ages they are and the amazing amount of talented photographers in my area as well as those who think they are amazing – I just can’t realistically quit my day job for it.

What it does is afford me a creative outlet other than my knitting, something that I can offer to those around me, and keep building my skills behind the lens. I have built myself a niche in sports portraits and that has served me very well this year but I also had the chance to photograph an amazing couple (weddings are usually not my gig!).

coffee picture

I met the bride about five years ago while frequenting my local Starbucks. From her first day there she was a breath of fresh air – bright – witty – stunning and so so friendly. She was also a creative soul often drawing little doodles on my cups making my day even better than it was with caffeine alone. Of course as most of my Starbucks barista relationships go she moved on to bigger and better things, spending time up north and then landing in Hamilton, all the while keeping in touch and letting me follow her journey.

Then it happened! She met her man and while it wasn’t a perfectly easy ride to the alter I have no doubt that their future is going to smooth sailing in a small canoe made for two surrounded by nature and with the love of each other.


Honoured is not a word that I use lightly but it is what I used to describe my feelings when Shelby reached out to me to see if I was interested in photographing their day. It was a done deal and we didn’t look back. The day was cold (and I mean cold for Canadians who are use to winter cold) and yet these two didn’t show it at all. The day was full of laughs, spirits to keep the wedding party warm, stories of their relationships, their friendship and their time together. There was no ‘bridezilla’ to be found – not that I ever thought there would be.

Marriage is hard these days. Social media – everyone giving opinions – the question of choices we make as a couple – don’t make it easy for anyone. These two have already heard most of it and handled it all with dignity and grace. My 40-year-old self wishes I was that assured of my love for my husband and the path I wanted to take with him at that age.


I even had a chance to play baker and give the gift of cupcakes to the couple and their guests. If there is ever a question posed in the universe of “do we really need cake at the wedding” the answer is always YES!

Thank you to Shelby and Tye for letting me play such an amazing part in your day, I truly cannot wait to see what gifts this life holds for you and watch it all unfold as a fly on your wall.





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