Birthday Giveaway!

So this is the “year she turns 40” and I already feel like this is happening too early in the year and that I’m not quite ready to embrace it all yet. Of course I have two days left to reconcile those feelings so this will be a work-in-progress of the entire year clearly.

To make it less about me and more about someone else, anyone else, I’m hosting a giveaway over on my Instagram!

Giveaway for Instagram

Knitting has been my personal form of therapy for a good many years now. It started as a hobby suggested by a medical professional in order to deal with depression and anxiety. Back then it was make some baby hats for a friend who was travelling to Africa, or dishcloths for just about every single person in my family. It was the perfect hobby, methodical, repetitive, with some patterns I needed to focus and others I could just knit away and not think of anything else.

balls of yarn yellow

Then it became a way to express my creativity and try new things without anyone seeing, if it didn’t work I didn’t have to show it off. (Although now I do show the ugly things because we all know life isn’t perfect and only posting the great things doesn’t help anyone.) Knitting was accessible, it didn’t cost much to do, the internet was full of free patterns and once you had the tools you were good to go. It was also portable, something that now keeps me busy in the car, and especially at the rink (also if you are knee deep in a project and look like you are concentrating you get to control a little more the interactions that you have with others and often I need that!)

So this little package is the perfect way to celebrate someone else on my birthday. Knitting for Dummies and YouTube Videos was truly how I learned to knit. Nothing else, that was it. I’ve included my favourite yarn for dishcloths – a perfect first project, never matters how they turn out, they don’t have to be pretty, and they are useful – and a set of lovely knitting needles from KnitPicks which is where I order yarn from often because of their material and colour options.

bow and hats yellow

I do hope that you will leave me a message here to enter and of course jump on over to my Instagram  and show me some love over there as well! The random number generator will pick the most amazing person on Friday February 9th at noon.

Do you have a hobby? What else should I be learning to do this year? What got you started? Let me know . . . .

Staying caffeinated,


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